A separate department of examination has been setup in the school for effective and fair evaluation of students. The examination department is headed by a competent Examination Controller.

Forms of Evaluation

There are two forms of evaluation being followed in the school:-

  • Formative evaluation
  • Summative evaluation

With regards to the evaluation, formative evaluation is the process of looking for strengths and weaknesses in the content, materials and methodology as the evaluation process unfolds. Weaknesses of the children are attended to before the whole process is completed.

Summative evaluation is conducted at the end of the Term. Its purpose is to ensure that the necessary processes have been carried out and that the objectives of the curriculum are being met.The school curriculum is having 4 formative and 2 summative evaluations in an academic year. Two formative assessment and one summative assessment in Term 1 and Term 2 respectively. Each formative assessment is comprises of evaluation of Project Work, Assignment and Pen & Paper Test. On the other hand the Summative Assessment comprises of only Pen & Paper Test.

Result: The final result of the learner is the compilation of both the terms and the result is provided to the parent of the concern learner.