Some Important Rules for Hostellers

Parents/Guardians are requested to warn their wards NEVER TO RUN AWAY from the School Hostel or to leave it without proper Gate Pass. It is the most serious offence and such cases will not be given a second chance. The Hostel authorities will never be responsible for such an unlawful offensive step taken by a Boarder.

Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited in the Hostel premise. Any Boarder caught with the mobile phone will be expelled from the school with a bad character certificate.

Keeping money and valuable items such as jewellery etc. is strictly not allowed in the hostel. Guardians are sincerely requested not to provide these types of things and cash to...

their wards. Money seized from the Boarders will never be refunded and a fine triple the amount seized will be imposed upon the concerned Boarder.

The inmates of the Hostel are not allowed to keep any food stuff with them.

Authorized Visitors may meet their wards only once in a month (Sunday) after obtaining proper Visitor's Pass from the main office.

If a Boarder wants to withdraw himself from the Hostel in the middle of the session, one month prior notice in writing for such intention or a month's fee in lieu thereof is to be deposited. However, in case of withdrawal from the hostel in the middle of the session, Seat Rent @ Rs 800/- per month will be charged for the whole session.

Boarding fees includes school fee and are charged quarterly i.e., April-June, July-Sept, Oct-Dec & Jan-March every year.

Gate Pass for leaving the Hostel is issued only when the fee till that particular quarter is cleared for which the gate pass is being used.

No request for reduction in fees is admissible on account of a Boarder remaining absent for a longer period or returning late to the Hostel due to any reason.

Parents/Guardians are expected to submit their wards in the hostel on the date given after a vacation.