Principal Desk

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the B.D. Academy, a co-educational English Medium Residential School Established in 2007. We are an institution based on value education I have a keen desire that value education should be given in our school consciously. Values cannot be taught in classrooms by text books or by lectures but it is effectively taught by examples. No education is complete without value education; value is core of education. The purpose of education as defined in the ancient scriptures, “Taitriya Upnishad” is “Satyam Vad, Dharmam Char” which means speak the truth and act as an ideal man who has a sense of duty and obligation of his position whatever it may be. Thus the purpose of education focuses on truth, duty and an obligation of his family, to society and to humanity at large.

Here at B.D. Academy we are having a team of devoted teachers and with their diversified experience with continuous hard work, we have achieved the standard of education even in this challenging environment. The hidden talents of students are being shaped to fight the forthcoming competitive environment. B.D. Academy we produce not only talented students but also a devoted personality for our nation. We strive to develop the four key attributes of a student-centric, Values-based education at B.D. Academy.

Every Student, an Engaged Learner
Every Teacher, a Caring Educator
Every Parent, a Supportive Partner
Every School, a Good School

I am greatly thankful to our team of teachers and Mr. Vishal Vikram Singh, Director (Education) a strong pillar of our school who work hard for the overall development of every child of our school and provide valuable guidelines to us time to time.

Saurabh Gunjan
Principal ( B.D. Academy)